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Struggles & Compromise in a Free World

‘Freedom of expression’ is a term one would normally associate with Americanisation or some, the spread of democracy across the world in this post-cold war era. With the influx of foreign media content – rich in western ideals – being … Continue reading

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“News Quality” on STOMP

A contemporary specialist on Shakespeare, Frederick Gard Fleay, had earlier (1874) written: “If you cannot weigh, measure, number your results, however you may be convinced yourself, you must not hope to convince others.” There has been various discourses with regards … Continue reading

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A Social Media Community in the making?

A follow up to my previous post, Navigating through STOMP, can STOMP actually fall under the category of social media community instead of “the citizen journalism website” as SPH had claimed? In an article published in Social Media Examiner, Michael Birto, … Continue reading

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Quality versus Trashy – Do locals really know the difference?

Citizen journalism is all rage in Singapore today especially since the launch of Strait Times’ STOMP. Citizens and users take the role of a journalist and get to post pictures and videos of current events, happenings and sometimes even taboos … Continue reading

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To Complain or not Complain

The idea of the true Singaporean ‘identity’ is one that has been contested and discussed ever since (I presume) we gained independence. Various different terms and even characters have been coined to depict the unique Singaporean culture and its practices. … Continue reading

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STOMP: Absolute Freedom of Citizen Journalism?

As our case study suggests to us, STOMP’s area of engagement is rather clearly demarcated – citizen participation may be sought mainly in “soft news” areas, focusing on STOMPers’ everyday living and leisure time activities. It has a tendency to … Continue reading

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Navigating through STOMP

“Award-winning STOMP, or Straits Times Online Mobile Print, is Asia’s leading citizen journalism website with user-generated material fuelling its success.” This statement is boldly acclaimed by Singapore Press Holdings. As a recent “STOMPer” convert, it seems that STOMP offers much … Continue reading

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