STOMP it all you can.

Golly, there sure are oodles of ways to get your hands on the latest news in town. provides you a cooler way to attain news contributed by the citizens. It is all about prosumerism nowadays, stompers who play their role as journalists and report about any daily unusual happenings in our surrounding area. With the technologies advancing tremendously, we are already having STOMP iPhone applications to make it ever ready for stompers to capture these interesting moments and have it uploaded in just a tap of their fingers.  

Taking STOMP as a case study to identify the participatory culture of Singaporean youths, it enables us to analyze and relate what brings the success of citizen journalism in Singapore. STOMP is created for citizens to feel belonged by encouraging anyone to not just read news but also making contributions in sharing interesting news around their daily routine region.  As trivial as it could be, there are news posted by stompers like ‘Not graceful of woman to place her leg over man’s thigh on MRT’ or even news like ‘She tells pregnant lady: ‘This one not a reserved seat, why should I give it up?’ ‘Trivial’ might not be the most appropriate word to describe these news as we make further inference with countries like India that hosts many similar citizen journalism websites, for instance,,, South Asian Citizen Reporters Newwork (,, and These so-called ‘trivial’ news are inevitable as we have found similar growing trend of having such ‘trivial’ news covered by the citizens from India too. Trivial or not, it is like a component of the citizen journalism that bring across the balance of both hard (e.g. economic news) and soft news (social news) to encourage participatory culture of Singaporean youths.


What interest us to analyze further about STOMP is its similarity in terms of concept behind news sharing/video sharing between STOMP and the successful The evolution of these online sharing sites seems to agree upon that file sharing sites will localize eventually to the characteristics of the specific audience. Since the birth of STOMP in 2005, the initial designed concept to have interactions and connectivity with the younger audience have gradually shifted to a whole new level by using social news stories to attract Singaporean youths. As mentioned during the first few lectures this week on Shopping Centres, and quoting Michel De Certeau’s text on Shopping Centre as terrain of cultural struggle: Strategies VS Tactics. Similarly, STOMP is constructed to hold citizens together by opening opportunities for them do news reporting, however, as time passes and STOMP matured, contents started to shift and mould towards the characteristics of our community. Just like the usage of library that shifts from time to time to mould according to the public’s needs and environment, leading to having unexpected visitors, for instance the homeless people, to make use of library as a temporary air-conditioned shelter.

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