On Youths, For Youths, And By Youths

“On youths, for youths, and by youths” — This is STOMP’s tagline, which in my opinion, cannot be any more apt.

Today, it is not just a dot-com age we live in. Technology and communications has evolved to become Web 2.0 , a term that rose to popularity in 2004 by Tim O’Reilly.

According to the Internet World Stats, out of the 4.7 million population in Singapore, we achieved an internet penetration rate of 77.8%, of which 64.3% of them are Facebook users. This puts Singapore as one of the top countries where social media trends are highly prevalent.

Generation Y makes up a large portion of the total internet users in Singapore. And this is the exact demographics that STOMP seeks. The reason for the creation of STOMP was for Singapore’s oldest newspapers, The Straits Times (165 years old), to connect with young readers. However, even with the newspapers’ online version, Straits Times Interactive, it is still very “adult”.

Keeping in mind the trends of social media/networking and Web 2.0, STOMP was born, providing Singapore youths with a platform to learn, share, contribute, interact and be heard. It is also a meeting place for various social media tools, e.g. YouTube, Flickr, blogging, discussion forums, etc.

Because we now have easy access to the internet via mobile 3G, corporate broadband and residential broadband, it allows STOMPers higher regularity for interaction. Proximity and timeliness are what have been keeping the number of STOMP regulars and fans rolling in.

In my next post, we will take a look at the roles and engagement of STOMPers, which largely involves citizen journalism amidst the participatory culture.


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