A Social Media Community in the making?

A follow up to my previous post, Navigating through STOMP, can STOMP actually fall under the category of social media community instead of “the citizen journalism website” as SPH had claimed?

In an article published in Social Media Examiner, Michael Birto, V.P. for Edelman Digital, revealed three tips for building and managing social media communities. If we put STOMP into context, “social media community” does seem to be a more appropriate description. 

Tip 1: Embed within your community

STOMP Team plays the role of community manager where they embed themselves within the local community context and facilitate the content creation (to a certain extent) by STOMPers in Singapore Seen. They are able to generate contents which are of latest interest to the Singaporeans in sections such as Court Room and TalkBack. These contents allow interactions through comments and feebacks from the community.     

Tip 2: Don’t just focus on monetizing

Nevertheless, STOMP is still considered to be a relatively young web portal (4 years old!). The focus seemed to be building the community and trust of its community’s members before injecting mass advertising messages into the website: advertising spaces are subtly emplaced within some sections in STOMP.

Tip 3: Don’t just listen, get the community involved

By offering the platform for community to voice their concerns or interest, STOMP is able to get the community to engage in various issues that are of great interest to them. Will this simple act of “platform provider” enhance STOMP’s reputation as the most trusted voice in local news media? It remains to be seen, but the numbers of STOMPers are certainly on the rise.

It would be biased to simply base on Michael Bito’s tips alone to deduce STOMP as a social media community. But the structure and the concept of a melting pot of social media elements and citizen journalism do, to a certain extent, show glimpse of social media community in the making.


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3 Responses to A Social Media Community in the making?

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  2. daresim says:

    As a famous quote from a movie goes: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Are Singaporeans or members of citizen journalism ready and able to accept the governance offered by STOMP? We must understand that some see STOMP as an outlet for venting their frustrations of everyday life. We see the main page today with one of the articles claiming KFC sent him 72 packets of chilli. Are example like this constructive articles which helps the community? I don’t think so. A voice in the community? Yes. The most trusted? Not by a long way.

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