Participatory Fandom in STOMP

We have learnt that fandom is the social structure and cultural practice created by the most passionately engaged consumers of mass media properties. Combining this concept with participatory culture, it becomes a group of zealous followers involving in broad participation in social media productions which start at the grassroots level.

The participatory fandom in STOMP has grown to centre around many areas of human interests and activities. Fans are typically interested in details of non-mainstream Singapore happenings. Spend significant portion of their time and energy  on STOMP, often as a part of social network. The subjects of fan interest vary widely – from celebrities, to hobbies, fashion, everyday sightings or even neighbourhood grapevine.

In the past, members of a fandom associated with one another by attending fan conventions and publishing and exchanging fanzines and newsletters. Communication was done primarily on print-based media. However with the emergence of Web 2.0 has migrated this interaction online.

There are 19 sections under STOMP. You can browse through most sections without having to register as a STOMPer. However, if you want to participate in terms of leaving comments, submitting information/ tip-offs, etc.,  in other words, attain full access,  you will need to become a member, by registering with your unique Singapore NRIC number. This is to prevent creation of pseudo accounts. STOMPers are then accountable for their words and behaviour on this website.  

An exclusive local community is thus formed.

Each of the 19 sections contains areas of interests across different fields.  It is almost impossible for a Singaporean to not be able to find one that appeals to him/her. Let me lift some examples.

MOVIE CLUB – For movie lovers/goers:

  • Receive movie reviews on the latest big screen titles
  • Watch movie trailers
  • See quotes from stars in the latest movies
  • Enter contests to win movie tickets

CLUB STOMP – For party-goers:

  • Check out the latest/newest and most popular night spots
  • View party pictures
  • Check out the hottest party outfits/attires
  • Sign up for Club STOMP card and receive perks

COURT ROOM – For the more intellectual individuals (who aspire to lawyers?):

  • Keep up to date with the progress of the latest court cases, all over the world

TALKBACK – For the attention seekers:

  • Voice out on any issue you feel strongly about
  • Leave comments if you agree/disagree

LOVE-IN – For the singles/romantics:

  • Read about love stories
  • Make new friends
  • Take part in blind dates/ speed-dating

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