Reasons behind the success of STOMP

The award-winning STOMP is Asia’s leading citizen-journalism website with user-generated material fuelling its success. It is successful in its own unique way via social networking, enabling thousands to come together to interact and bond both online and offline in Singapore Seen. STOMP connects, engages and interacts with Singaporeans in a style, an approach that is different from conventional news websites. The strong growth reflects not only its popularity but its resonance with Singaporeans. The STOMP application empowers everyone, the citizen journalists on the go, and contributes stories, videos, photos and views with simply just a few clicks away.

1) High Accessibility STOMP brunches out its accessibility on iPHONE application, making it even easier and convenient for STOMPers to contribute, snap photos/ videos, read and comment. STOMPers can now post their comments or contribute photos/ videos instantly via this iPHONE application.








2) Wide Range of Contents/ Sections within STOMP Within Singapore Seen alone, there are thousands of news available to read and comment about. Be it news contributed by STOMPers or news reported by full-time STOMP journalists. Various sections are available within STOMP, for instance discussion forums like ‘Just Talk Lah’, ‘Talk Back’ and many others, attract all kinds of readers and will never be out of pages to read about.

3) Low Restrictions As long as the contents are within the usual legal perimeters (e.g. usage of vulgarities, sensitivity on political issues, racial issues and etc), STOMP values all sorts of contents and comments.

With the above mentioned qualities within STOMP, it allows us to understand further how STOMP and its today’s success came about. The strengths of STOMP has shaped itself in a uniquely ‘Singaporean’ way, which no other citizen journalism sites could easily be adapted.

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