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Reasons behind the success of STOMP

The award-winning STOMP is Asia’s leading citizen-journalism website with user-generated material fuelling its success. It is successful in its own unique way via social networking, enabling thousands to come together to interact and bond both online and offline in Singapore … Continue reading

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STOMP = Participatory culture of Singaporean Youths?

Participatory Journalism as according to J.D. Lasica is simply defined as individuals playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, sorting, analyzing and disseminating news and information- a task once reserved almost exclusively to the news media. As … Continue reading

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STOMPers uncover the real truth behind recent murder case

Social media news usually garners the impression from many as being inaccurate and largely biased. The reason for this is simple. Give your everyday citizens the power to play the role of a professional journalist and it should come to … Continue reading

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STOMP it all you can.

Golly, there sure are oodles of ways to get your hands on the latest news in town. provides you a cooler way to attain news contributed by the citizens. It is all about prosumerism nowadays, stompers who play their … Continue reading

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