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Define Your Identity

How does one define their identity? Is it by the way they choose to portray themselves, their cultural associations or their personality? There are various definitions of the term identity. In the case of a popular Internet guide, The Free … Continue reading

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Tabloid Central

What exactly is a tabloid? The term tabloid was initially coined by a pharmaceutical company in London called Burroughs Wellcome & Co. They were manufacturing compressed tablets and therefore started calling them ‘tabloid pills’. The term then led to the … Continue reading

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Quality versus Trashy – Do locals really know the difference?

Citizen journalism is all rage in Singapore today especially since the launch of Strait Times’ STOMP. Citizens and users take the role of a journalist and get to post pictures and videos of current events, happenings and sometimes even taboos … Continue reading

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To Complain or not Complain

The idea of the true Singaporean ‘identity’ is one that has been contested and discussed ever since (I presume) we gained independence. Various different terms and even characters have been coined to depict the unique Singaporean culture and its practices. … Continue reading

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