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STOMP Bonds and Teaches

A nation building tool that affects positive change for the greater good of the public. Yes, we are talking about STOMP. There have been various controversial reviews on the site of late following its recent success. Nevertheless, let’s look at … Continue reading

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Struggles & Compromise in a Free World

‘Freedom of expression’ is a term one would normally associate with Americanisation or some, the spread of democracy across the world in this post-cold war era. With the influx of foreign media content – rich in western ideals – being … Continue reading

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The Need To Be Recognised

To each his own. Within the context of singular states, there exists dominant popular cultures that define unique mass ‘structuralism’ (Barker, 2003), leading eventually to codes of social governance – societal norms. Karl Marx’s theory on ‘ruling ideas’ (Barker, 2003) … Continue reading

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I Am The “Paper” In My Hand

Post-modernism (Barker:2003, p.61) has a way of blurring the lines between the micro-hierarchies sandwiched in an ever growing middle class in Singapore. With economic growth hitting a record 18% high in the first half of the year, and expected to … Continue reading

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